Transportation information


The Seoul subway has nine lines.
You need a transportation card to board, and a disposable transportation card can be issued at a ticket vending machine located in the region.

Metropolitan subway fare

Traffic Card Disposable Traffic Card
General person 1250won 1350won
Teenager 720won 1350won
Elementary student 450won 450won
Free Over 65 years
Under 6 years

Subway map


Blue bus
The blue bus’ purpose is long distance service

Green bus
It connects to major subway station or bus terminal.

Red bus
This is a bus that connects cities in Seoul and metropolitan cities rapidly.
It is more expensive than blue bus or green bus.

Yellow bus
It circulates a short route that circulates the city center.


Tmoney card is a card that can be used in bus, subway, taxi, etc.
Using this card, you can receive discounts, transfer benefits.
You can buy it at convenience stores and it can be recharged at convenience stores and subway stations.

Tmoney M-pass

It is a transfer card specifically designed for foreign visitors who need to use public transport several times a day.
It can be used up to 20 times a day.
You have a deposit of 5,000 won and you return the card, you will receive 4500 won.

Price After 5pm
1day pass 15000won 12000won
2day pass 23000won 20000won
3day pass 30500won 27500won
5day pass 47500won 44500won
7day pass 64500won 61500won

Discover Seoul pass

Tour pass ticket in Seoul city
The 24 hour ticket is 39900 won and the 48 hour ticket is 55000 won.
If you have only this card, you can enter the famous attractions in Seoul free of charge. You can also use it as a transportation card if you charge
It can be purchased at tourist centers such as Incheon Airport Arrival Hall, Hongdae Tourist Information Center, Songdo Travel Center.

Korea tour card

It is a foreigner-only T-money.
In addition to transportation, you can get discounts on shopping, culture, and tourism.
It can be purchased at the Seven-Eleven stores in the metropolitan area and local foreign-capital markets, including Seoul, as well as the Airport Railroad Travel Center (Incheon International Airport, Seoul Station), as well as the airplane that comes to Korea.

Disposable transportation card

A deposit of 500 won is required and refunded when the card is returned.

Transfer Information

Your card balance must be at least 250 won.
Same vehicle / same route not available
Touch the transportation card to the card reader when getting off
For Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon, transfer must be made within 30 minutes from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm and within 1 hour from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am on the following day.

Regular taxi

The most common taxi is orange.
Taxi fares are depend on the distance and time.

Model taxi

Compared with regular taxis, minimum fare is more expensive, but generally the car offers larger, more luxurious and safer services.


Tickets can be purchased at the homepage, korailtalk(app), ticket vending machine, station (except subway station), ticket sales agent.
You can purchase tickets from 1 month to 20 minutes before departure.

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